I Am the Tree

I am the tree in the forest Wanna be lovers come To carve their names upon And I am mostly dead So they do not hear me scream I am the tree in the forest Children come to break a branch from Since I am mostly dead It snaps perfectly off As though it wasContinue reading “I Am the Tree”

A Word Picture

The braided leaves of the willow curtsy with the flirt of the wind playing peek a boo. Slight ripples of the iridescent lake laugh up to shore. Queen Anne’s Lace dance in rhapsody with the uncut tousled blades of grass. A cardinal flies a few branches lower on the willow tree singing as a robinContinue reading “A Word Picture”

Under The Moon

Hello Humans, Welcome to Under The Moon. This is the start of a huge vision that is still in process. The most important thing I want to share is that this is a space for all of us. Everything in my life has led me to spaces like this. I wanted to create one myself.Continue reading “Under The Moon”

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