You are Reading this I am – Sorry That means you may feel Just like me A little broken and lost Wishing for boring Predictable But you are Avoiding Nightmares Flashbacks Trauma Not because you are weak Or afraid of hard work But because it is Survival Reflex Part of the process If you areContinue reading “Offering”

Survivor Playlist

Music supports and moves me.  I am always eager to find soulful songs.  As a teenager when I was left home alone, I would play my mixed CD’s loud dancing, swaying, and crying, laughing, and sprawling out in exhaustion.  I had no idea then that I was holding and healing myself.  Now I run toContinue reading “Survivor Playlist”


There’s a darkness in my brain that is spreading It melts and devours everything that it touches It eats my happiness my pride my desire my drive There’s a darkness in my brain that is spreading It consumes all in it’s path It fuels my anger, my sadness, my wrath There is a light thatContinue reading “Duality”

I Am Not Brave

I am not brave  I let my fear control me  I am not brave  I live my life to the expectations of others  I am not brave  I cannot stand up for myself  When it really matters  I am not brave  I am unable to be honest and speak my truth  I am not brave Continue reading “I Am Not Brave”

I Am the Tree

I am the tree in the forest Wanna be lovers come To carve their names upon And I am mostly dead So they do not hear me scream I am the tree in the forest Children come to break a branch from Since I am mostly dead It snaps perfectly off As though it wasContinue reading “I Am the Tree”

A Word Picture

The braided leaves of the willow curtsy with the flirt of the wind playing peek a boo. Slight ripples of the iridescent lake laugh up to shore. Queen Anne’s Lace dance in rhapsody with the uncut tousled blades of grass. A cardinal flies a few branches lower on the willow tree singing as a robinContinue reading “A Word Picture”

Under The Moon

Hello Humans, Welcome to Under The Moon. This is the start of a huge vision that is still in process. The most important thing I want to share is that this is a space for all of us. Everything in my life has led me to spaces like this. I wanted to create one myself.Continue reading “Under The Moon”

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