Simple Enough

It’s like when a glue bottle has been open for too long –  You untwist the tip, but when you squeeze the bottle’s belly nothing comes out. Dried glue in the tip prevents release.  You squeeze harder and feel pressure building – like the bottle might explode. You decide the best option is to findContinue reading “Simple Enough”

Where a Child Goes to Die Inside

Please know the following post may be triggering to read for survivors of abuse. Also know this post is very brave and beautiful. Be gentle with yourselves.  I lived in this place once. It was an awful hovel of a place. A mobile home, painted brown, with a dented in roof from where a treeContinue reading “Where a Child Goes to Die Inside”

More Alone

I float through experiences like I am unto myself a ghost. To others, I am there – I am in it. In myself, I am out of it. I am alone. Not just alone – afloat. I exist in a different dimension, I think. On another plane of existence.  When I sink into my body, I jump outContinue reading “More Alone”

Big Awful

I’d like to crack open – visceral and jagged. A broken mirror, reflecting what they don’t know to fear.  Would they feel it? The primordial horror –  The devastating ignorance – The almost sinister jealousy –  Or would they only hear the words?  The final quiet echo of a nearly forgotten dream. And in aContinue reading “Big Awful”