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Under The Moon is an overflow and manifest of a LOT of love, work and so many dreams coming true. I have created this space to share with others. This is our space. The main event here is our blog and I am so excited to be here with other writers and have their stories, work, and expression in the world.

My name is Aurora and I am your space holder, host, and your excited awkward friend/acquaintance. Eight years ago I started writing poetry after a long stint of journaling. I was dealing with a lot of trauma coming up with little support, limited funds, and a lack of self understanding. This year I started my eighth year of counseling and have embraced knowledge of CPTSD, resources for healing, and gratitude to be here. In 2014 I was hospitalized four times for suicidal ideation. The experiences added to my trauma but I have compassion knowing they served their basic purposes of not being left alone.

My biggest coping mechanism and gift for years was excelling in school and pursuit of higher education. The plan was to have my doctorate degree and start my own private practice. In 2011 I graduated summa cum laude with a bachelors degree in psychology. After applying and being accepted to a masters program I felt tied in knots. It took time and a long walk to be really honest with myself that I needed to find out who I was outside of my identity in schooling. Since that time I have lived many places, become a yoga instructor, reiki practitioner, therapeutic horseback riding instructor, and photographer. Along the way writing and reading poetry has been my most sacred connection to myself and others.

I still love school and will probably go back for a masters in something someday. There is space for it all. Right now my true heart is in writing and supporting the work of other creatives.

I am a survivor of familial trafficking, childhood abuse, and domestic violence. Finding ways to express and build relationships with my emotions and body has equipped me with the skills to save my own life. I believe we are capable of so much glory, grace, compassion, and joy. Part of that is being okay with the mess, interacting with the confusion, and allowing ourselves to celebrate. The other part is connecting with resources, people, nature, and the world.

I have a vision for what I would love this space to contain and grow into, but I also have a blank canvas with space to create something unexpected.

I would love for you to be a part of that.

If you want to connect, contribute, or share your own creative information head over to the contact page.

Thank you for reading a bit of my story and exploring our site. Lots of love your way.

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