Introduction: Aurora

Hi! My name is Aurora!

Welcome to our blog. This is a space I hold but we all share. Krystal, Drew and I are so grateful for the likes on our posts and the follows already!

Thank you for being here. Tell us about yourselves if that feels okay. 

This blog has big dreams behind it. I am off to a slower start due to 2020 and tending to my personal health. Along the journey we will share a lot of poetry, articles, guest blogs, resources, art and much more. 

If there is something you want to see here or you want to be involved please send an email to or comment on this post. 

This space is for all who desire healthy connection. No discrimination or bullying accepted.

A brief share about who I am. First my pronouns are she/her. I am a wanderer, dreamer, and avid student of life. I am a poet, writer, photographer, and yoga instructor. For three years I have been in emdr trauma therapy healing my childhood abuse and wounds from an abusive marriage. 

My current favorite poet is Jaiya John. Jaiya John is on Instagram and has a podcast reading their poetry. 

I finished watching Shitts Creek recently and loved it. I have one self published book and I am working on another. I will share more on those another time. 

My weird talents are the ability to burp the alphabet and touch my tongue to my nose. 

Thank you for stopping in. I hope to meet you all virtually and build a community here. Sending lots of love your way.

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