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Music supports and moves me.  I am always eager to find soulful songs.  As a teenager when I was left home alone, I would play my mixed CD’s loud dancing, swaying, and crying, laughing, and sprawling out in exhaustion.  I had no idea then that I was holding and healing myself.  Now I run to any safe and free form dance class I can find.  Often these days I find myself needing slower and intimate embraces through music while on my yoga mat or hugging myself–a practice I continually cultivate.  I still have almost daily dance times at home and revel in the sheer release even one song can give.  Over the last two years I have developed a couple playlists that are purely supportive of my healing process as a survivor of incest.  I wanted to share some of the songs with you and inspire you to create your own survivor playlist.  Celebrate and soothe yourself with music.  My playlist has accompanied me through many moments, one of my favorites was playing it on my drive to be the keynote speaker at our local rape crisis center.  It felt like one of those moments that was meant to be.  I hold it sacred in my body memories.

Some of these songs I have found through other yoga instructors and survivors, and some have been with me many years or fell into my lap while looking something up.

The links to the songs are through YouTube.  You can find them all on Spotify as well. That is where my playlists are too.

  1. Birdy + Rhodes “Let It All Go”  
  2. Rasmus Hagen “Let It Out”
  3. NF, Britt Nicole “Can You Hold Me”
  4. Liv Ash “Never Surrender”
  5. Nathan Wagner “Innocence”
  6. Nina Nesbitt “Black & Blue”
  7. Shawn Mendes “In My Blood” (Acoustic)
  8. John Mayer “In the Blood”
  9. Bea Miller “Like That”
  10. Demi Lovato “Warrior”
  11. Kelly Clarkson “Invincible”
  12. Travis Atreo “Somehow”
  13. NF “Face It”
  14. Bishop Briggs “White Flag”
  15. The Score “Never Going Back”
  16. James Arthur “Recovery”
  17. Fleurie “Love Has No Limits”
  18. Christina Perri “Human”
  19. Nilu “Are You With Me”
  20. Sody “Let You Know”
  21. David Bazan “Hard To Be”
  22. Sia “I’m Still Here”
  23. Sia “Elastic Heart” (Piano)
  24. Zee Avi “Concrete Wall”
  25. Mumford & Sons “After the Storm”
  26. After Eden “She’s A Church”
  27. Florence & The Machine “What The Water Gave Me”
  28. Haux “Heartbeat”
  29. Laura Dogget “Phoenix”
  30. Foo Fighters “Best Of You”
  31. Alisa Turner “Safe”
  32. Vanessa Forbes “You Are Safe”

I love all music.  I would love to share more but I feel I have covered some of my favorite minus some rock songs.  These songs are the ones I am recently listening to over and over again.  I hope these inspire you to find and gather your own playlist.  I would love any suggestions in the comments from all of you on songs that you love a a survivor.

Thank you for being here with me.

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