Under The Moon

Hello Humans,

Welcome to Under The Moon. This is the start of a huge vision that is still in process. The most important thing I want to share is that this is a space for all of us. Everything in my life has led me to spaces like this. I wanted to create one myself. I have been through a significant amount of trauma and also a lot of beauty.

Here on this blog I want to share all sides of life. The hard, the fun, the practical, the difficult, the gracious, the adventurous, the striving, the triumphant, and all the in-between. I want to uplift people, art, and businesses that I love.

As my vision develops, I will write to you here and invite you to be part of the journey. I hope you will share your words, art, life, and encouragement to everyone who comes into this space. No discrimination, bullying, or anything of the sort is allowed here. Here we are peers, allies, supporters, survivors, and friends. We commit to respect and dignity and always doing better or apologizing when we need to.

I could say more, but I think this is a good start. A fresh start. A new start. A deeper start.

We are here to celebrate, cry, dance, draw, talk, paint, eat, learn, hope, scream, and be raw. Be messy. Be honest. Be human.

Thank you for being here with me.

With us.

With yourself.

We are in this life thing, together.



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